Here's how EndYourTenancy works

Easily create a PDF notice letter, so you always have a correctly served and agreed formal record of notice.



Answer a few questions and we'll send you a PDF notice letter that can be printed and posted.  It's that easy



You can choose to email your landlord, so they can easily respond online to confirm notice has been served correctly and accepted



We'll send you confirmation once your landlord responds, so you'll have an independent record of serving notice and acceptance

  • Use our guide to giving notice

  • Easily create a solicitor approved letter & add any documents you need from the landlord

  • We email you a PDF for printing and posting

  • You can choose to email the notice to your landlord so they can easily respond online

  • We obtain agreement from the landlord

Notice Guide.jpg

Instead of trying to work out how to give notice yourself …

You use the comprehensive EndYourTenancy guide to ending your tenancy, which has guidance on giving notice for fixed and periodic tenancies.

Notice Generator Form.png

Instead of having to remember what to include in your notice …

You use the simple EndYourTenancy form to submit the required information for an end of tenancy notice.  You can also request copies of any tenancy documents you need from your landlord.

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Instead of having to draft your own letter …

EndYourTenancy will automatically create a solicitor approved letter from the information you submit and send this to you by email in a printable PDF template, so you can send to your landlord by Royal Mail.

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Instead of nagging your landlord to confirm agreement …

If you use our free email service EndYourTenancy will request agreement from the landlord on the proposed tenancy end date and send regular reminders until this is received.


Instead of your housemates asking for progress updates …

You can include them on all EndYourTenancy communications so they are kept fully up to date with progress.